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Where does your food come from?

Tuesday, Sep 30 | 5:31 pm

By Farmer John

CATEGORIES: Pasture to Palate

When most children in the city are asked…Where does your water come from? Where does your gas come from? Where does electricity come from? Where does your food come from? Typical answers are “a faucet” for water, “a pump” for gas, “a plug or cord” for electricity, and “the store” for food. It is our mission to educate the consumer about how much work goes into providing fresh, local, organic milk and dairy products at the Bianchini Family Ranch in Point Reyes Station, CA. Our passion is Bivalve Pasture to Palate. There is a fast growing movement of consumers wanting to know where and how their food makes it into the market. We thank you for purchasing our products. As consumers, you have many choices at the grocery store. You may prefer superior quality, USDA Organic, Grown Local, Non-GMO, Grass-fed, American Humane Certified, free of r-BST or maybe just On Sale. Thank god we live in a country where we have a choice. Whatever your preference, get to know your farmer!
-Farmer John

The following is a link to a piece of our story published in Flourish Magazine (Summer 2013) pg. 29. Enjoy!

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