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Marin Magazine- Farmers Markets during a pandemic

Friday, Mar 26 | 1:12 pm

By jenny

CATEGORIES: Pasture to Palate

Thank you Christina Mueller and Marin Magazine for your thoughtful article!
It has felt like a total blessing to continue to operate and serve our community during this global pandemic. In a climate of uncertainty, our livelihood is not guaranteed. Yet, for the past year, our small, family run business has grown and continues to do so. That is something we are so very grateful for! The community support of our cheese and butter assortment have been open armed and humbling.
Having the option to shop for local goods and specialty foods at Farmers Markets during a public health crisis feels like a rare opportunity to offer our customers in person education about local agriculture. We care deeply that you know where and how the food on your family table is grown, and produced.
Marin has a wealth of artisan opportunities with its unique, coastal climate and landscape. We feel lucky to send a taste of this home in every wedge!

Link in bio for the full story.

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