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California Bountiful Article 2021

Monday, Aug 2 | 11:27 am

By jenny

CATEGORIES: Pasture to Palate

Jolain Collins boils our mission as a sustainable farming family into a handful of palette pleasing paragraphs. Our sincere thanks to California Bountiful for shining a light on Bivalve Dairy and those who work tirelessly to keep crafting artisan cheese and butter.

The products we are honored to sell at farmers markets and local retailers begin with the loving care of our foggy pastures, and the fostering of our herd of 500 Holstein cows.

Bivalve dairy meanders over more than a thousand acres of which the cattle are regularly rotated between pastures to ensure the quality of their feed and bedding.

These farming practices have been adapted from a family history of sustainable practices reaching back generations and derived from proven farming strategies developed by Karen’s ancestors in the very similar climate of the Azores Islands in Portugal.

Continuing to grow during this pandemic has been a challenge, but not insurmountable for the Taylor family. Their love of farming and family permits them to come together and weather the sometimes tumultuous storms.

Link in bio for the full story.

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