Affiliations – Dedicated to Supporting Organic Farming

MALT – Marin Agricultural Land Trust

John & Karen were actively involved in the original “Farm Field Studies” program that brings school children to the farm to tour and get a “hands on” experience of where their food comes from. John is also a MALT board member. We are committed to preserving sustainable agriculture in Marin County.

Marin County Farm Bureau

John is a MCFB board member and Second Vice President. John is actively involved in the Local Coastal Plan update with county staff, the Board of Supervisors and the California Coastal Commission. MCFB is made up of local farmers and ranchers dedicated to preserving agriculture in Marin County. We are continually challenged with finding reasonable solutions to complex issues on a County, State and Federal platforms.

Marin County 4-H

Karen, a past community leader, enjoys spending time with kids at Los Posdas State Forest in Angwin, California. John & Karen are both 4-H leaders in the Point Reyes/Olema 4-H club and their 3 children are active members.

Marin Organic

John & Karen continue to support a diversity of agriculture in Marin County known as “USDA certified Organic”. Marin Organic is also a new face of the “Farm Field Studies” program. Tour a local farm today.

Grown Local

John & Karen are active supporters of the “Grown Local” campaign to identify agricultural products grown in Marin County. We look forward to seeing you see at the new farmer’s market venue, Marin Civic Center.

Western United Dairymen

John and Karen have been financial contributors to WUD since 2006. Proceeds of our daily milk production help this organization promote the dairy industry on a County, State and Federal Level. In 2009, John was a member of the California Dairy Leaders Program – Class VIII